Codetree changelog
Codetree changelog

Automatically move Issues through your Stages





Codetree's workflow feature automatically moves issues through your custom stages, without you having to explicitly add/remove labels or drag issues between columns.

You can setup rules to move issues into a stage of your choosing when a branch is created, a PR is created, or a PR is merged.

Take advantage of the workflow feature:

  1. Navigate to Project Settings -> Workflow

  2. Tell Codetree what branch naming pattern your team uses. Codetree uses this to identify which issues to move through your stages. A typical pattern would be ^(\d+) which allows you to start your branch names with the issue number. Or (\d+)$ if you end your branch names with the issue number.

  3. Tell Codetree what you'd like to happen when:

    • a branch is created
    • a PR is created
    • a PR is merged into your default branch